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Tree lopping services in Mackay

At Diverse Asset Maintenance, we offer a comprehensive range of services for your garden or outdoor space. Operating across Mackay, QLD, we strive to deliver the best workmanship and customer satisfaction in everything we do. 
Our services include:
  • Tree lopping and pruning
  • Mulching
  • Stump grinding
  • Rubbish removal
  • Light earthmoving 
Professional in the lawn doing mulching

Everything You Need to Know About Tree Lopping

The trees and plants in your garden could have a major impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you have flowers and colourful plants in the yard, your place will look really good. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and paints a very nice picture. However, taking care of the plants and trees in your house is not quite as simple. Unless you have a passion for gardening, it won’t take long before the neat and clean garden begins to look like a house from a horror story. The tree branches will begin to grow in different directions, and it won’t be long before the whole yard is covered in weeds.

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services is not just tree loppers in Mackay, as we also offer a number of other yard management solutions. The tree branches don’t really grow in a particular direction. In some cases, the branch might start touching the power lines, which could prove to be a problem. Similarly, larger branches are more difficult to prune and clean. However, you can’t just cut the tree branches
without any planning.

If the tree branches are cut from random angles, it could reduce the tree growth. Climbing up on the tree and cutting off branches without any protection is strictly not recommended. Rather than taking a risk, why not let professional tree loppers in Mackay handle the job?

Affordable and Efficient

One of the reasons why so many people use our services is because we offer highly affordable tree lopping in Mackay. With the amount of experience we have in our team, we can easily lop and prune any kind of tree in different environments. If you have a small space and don’t have a lot of freedom of movement, we can also do the job using our specialised harnesses. As soon as you give us the green light to start work, we will send over a team with specialised equipment to complete the job.

Tree-Cutting Solutions

Apart from offering tree lopping in Mackay, we can also remove trees from the yard. If you feel that a tree is overgrown and is causing issues in ventilation or preventing natural light from entering the house, we can cut it at the stump. We also offer stump grinding in Mackay, using highly specialised tools to remove it.

If you have an unwanted stump that’s proving to be an eyesore, you can call us to dig it out. Our specialised equipment makes short work of any kind of a tree stump. Whether you want the stump to be ground down or completely removed, we can handle the job for you.

Rather than excavating the stump, it’s always better to grind it. Stump grinding in Mackay is cheaper than complete excavations. Using our specialised equipment, we will grind down the stump so that the visible part is completely removed. The wood will be reduced to chips, so nothing will be visible from above the ground. We will also fill the hole for you.

To find out more about everything from tree lopping to rubbish removal, call us today on 0488 103 238.

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