Emergency Storm Response Tree Services in Mackay

Emergency Arborists Services in Mackay

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services Mackay provide fast-response emergency arborist services in Mackay for anyone requiring fallen tree removal services outside of normal business hours. We will dispatch our emergency team to your property to remove fallen trees that pose a safety risk from your property as soon as possible. We enact safety measures to ensure that your family, employees or other occupants stay safe, and that your property doesn’t get damaged any further during the removal process.

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Available for Emergency Response 24/7

QLD is famous for its seasonal stormy weather and if you have trees then they can suddenly become a danger by being prone to falling after, or worse have fallen during the storm itself. Even healthy trees or old and well-established trees can be prone to storm damage.

After a severe storm, it’s usually a good idea to check for fallen trees or ones that have been damaged and/or are leaning, making them prone to falling later. Calling qualified Arborists like DAM Services immediately is the obvious course of action day or night, 24/7.

What To Do With Fallen Trees

Fallen trees are still dangerous and should not be removed yourselves. They may have fallen into buildings, power lines and other hazards, even potentially damaging underground cables and plumbing when roots are torn up. The tree can still be prone to falling more and causing more damage to humans and animals so it’s important to have them safely removed by experts.

Do not enter buildings or investigate the area unless it’s fallen in open flat land, and even then, trees can still further collapse under their own weight. They need to be safely removed by experts so give us a call at any time.

How To Identify Storm-Damaged Trees

Still-standing trees are harder to identify for damage but here are some tips. Again, do not attempt to deal with still-standing but storm-damaged trees yourself, there are even more potential hazards than fallen trees so call the experts. Here’s what to look for:

  • Leaning or unbalanced trees
  • Snapped or hanging branches
  • Root areas with uplifted soil under the canopy
  • Any excess movement in the tree from the wind

Storm-Damaged Tree Removal

DAM Services will fully review all your damaged trees, then safely and securely remove them with a variety of different methods from manual chainsaws, to cranes, ropes and pulleys to slowly take the tree apart and finally grind the stump if this is what you want.

Any trees that can be saved we will discuss with you and make them safe again. We will dispose of all of the trees, and leave you with the mulch if you want. The area will then be safe for other companies to make repairs if necessary. We will liaise with power companies and insurance providers, making the whole process as pain-free as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider ASAP

When it comes to tree care, it is important to hire an arborist. Once you know you have fallen or damaged trees after a storm then contact your insurance company ASAP to request a claim number. Give them any details you can and let them know you have contacted qualified arborists to deal with the situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fallen trees can pose serious risks to both people and property. They can damage buildings, power lines and other structures, cause injuries and even death. Removing them requires special skills and equipment that only trained arborists have. Trying to remove them yourself can make things worse and put you and others in danger. That’s why it's essential to leave the removal to experts who have the necessary training and equipment to handle the situation safely.

Some storm-damaged trees may not fall immediately, but they can still be unstable and hazardous. Look for signs such as leaning or unbalanced trees, snapped or hanging branches, uplifted soil around the root area under the canopy as well as any unusual movement in the tree caused by the wind. Although do not attempt to address these trees on your own, instead contact our experts for assessment and removal.

We use different methods to remove storm-damaged trees, depending on the size, location and condition of the tree. Some of the methods we use are chainsaws, cranes, ropes and pulleys, and stump grinding. We will assess each situation individually and choose the best removal method required to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Sometimes, storm damaged trees can be saved with proper care and treatment. We will inspect each tree and let you know if it can be saved or not. However, our priority is to ensure safety and prevent further damage as such we will advise you on what can be done or if the tree really needs to be removed.

We take care of all the debris from the removed trees. We can either haul it away or leave it for you as mulch if you like. We will also make sure that the area is clear and safe for other repairs or services. We work closely with power companies and insurance providers to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Emergency Arborist Services

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