Tree Health and Safety Reports Mackay

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services perform extensive Tree Health and Safety Reports for commercial and government properties in the greater Mackay region. Whether it’s a historically significant tree, a tree that is posing a threat to locals, or a tree that’s in dire need of help, our certified arborists can assist. Our experience in the region allows us to quickly identify common health problems for trees and develop solutions to suit your local environment. Please get in touch with us for a quick quote.

We’re regularly contacted by government agencies in the greater Mackay region, including local schools and councils, to conduct tree reports so that proactive safety and sustainability measures can be taken. Our reports are completed by certified arborists and provide extensive information about the wellbeing of the tree and its impact on surrounding properties. All our reports include recommended measures to be taken that will ensure that the safety of people is balanced with the need to keep the tree healthy and inviting for local wildlife.

Your tree health and safety report includes

  • Tree health information
  • Specimen diagnosis
  • Information about the surrounding area
  • Actions that need to be taken to keep the tree healthy and the surrounding area safe

If you would like more information regarding our tree reports, their inclusions and why they are important, please get in touch with the team at Diverse Asset Maintenance Services today.



Frequently Asked Questions

An arborist report is a document that provides information about the condition, health and management of trees on your property and is written by qualified arborists who have a significant depth of arboricultural knowledge. You may need an arborist report for various reasons such as:
  • Applying for tree pruning or removal from the Council
  • Applying for a development or construction on your property
  • Assessing the risk or impact of trees on your property or neighbouring properties
  • Planning for future landscaping or tree planting
  • Maintaining or improving the health and safety of your trees
An arborist report can help you make informed decisions about your trees and comply with the Council’s regulations and policies. So for more information please contact us today.
Our team of experienced and qualified arborists can help you assess and manage the risk of your tree(s). We can provide you with a comprehensive risk assessment report that includes:
  • A detailed description of the tree(s) and their location
  • A rating of the likelihood and consequence of tree failure
  • A list of potential hazards and targets
  • A list of recommended actions to reduce or eliminate the risk
  • A prioritisation of the actions based on urgency and importance
We can also help you implement the actions, such as pruning, bracing or removing any tree(s) in a safe and professional manner.
The pricing for arborist reports varies significantly and is influenced by several factors. These include the complexity of the project, location, the scope of the analysis and the urgency of the report. For more information about this service, please kindly call us on 07 4953 1004 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Mackay Tree Assessments and Reports

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