Mackay Woodchip and Mulch Delivery Services

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services perform fast on-site wood chipping services for residents in the greater Mackay region. Our team of certified arborists and tree technicians will arrive on site promptly and re-purpose your cut-up trees into great soil protection for your garden with our efficient wood chipping machinery. Get in touch with us for a quick quote.

In need of cheap wood chip mulch by the truckload? Call us to arrange cheap delivery of our freshly cut wood chipping when we’re in your area.


On-Site Wood Chipping

We have a variety of wood chipping machines in varying sizes, allowing us to handle trees of all sizes quickly and effortlessly. Whether you’d like to re-purpose your tree after we’ve taken it down, or you just want it taken care of after a yard clean-up, we can be around to your place at a time that suits you for quick wood-chipping on-site. After wood-chipping any logs you’ve got, we’ll perform a thorough clean-up of any leftover debris to keep your yard pristine and free from tripping hazards.

Mackay Mulch Delivery Service

We supply fresh wood chippings and mulch – if you’d like us to deliver a load to your property, please get in touch on 07 4953 1004. Unfortunately, we don’t bag our wood chipping; we only drop it off in large loads after it has been freshly cut.

Wood chip and bark mulch is a great, low-cost and low-maintenance mulching solution for nearly all plant life. It scores highly in moisture retention, temperature control and weed blockage, and it takes a lot longer to break down compared to most other mulch solutions. As environment-conscious arborists, we can’t stress the importance of using environmentally sustainable products enough.



Mackay Woodchip and Mulching Services

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