Mackay Stump Removal and Grinding

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services provide specialised residential, commercial and government stump grinding and removal services in the greater Mackay region. Exposed stumps pose a tripping and safety hazard, and we recommend having them ground down and covered with soil. For areas marked for future development, having your stumps removed and filled in is an absolute necessity.

We have a number of different stump grinding machines in a variety of sizes so that we can get access to the stumps on your property, even in hard to reach spaces. Our arborists and technicians are all experienced and are qualified to use the machinery safely. We’ll take care of any debris left over to ensure your yard looks just as we found it.

Our range of stump grinding services includes

  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump and Root Removal
  • Hole covering and landscaping

Whether you’ve cut down a couple of trees in a yard clean-up, or getting it done after we remove some of your existing trees, you can be sure that you won’t have pesky trees and roots growing back after we’re done. We are thorough in our removal, grinding and poisoning techniques to ensure it doesn’t become a hazard again.

Complete Stump and Root Removal

Whilst all our stump grinding services include removal of above-ground roots that are easy to pull, we can remove the entire stump along with all below-ground roots at your request. Please be aware that this comes at a greater expense and usually isn’t necessary. Once we’ve ground the stump down, we’ll remove as many above ground roots as possible, as well as spray a small amount of poison on the area to ensure that the tree never grows back.

Complete Site Clean-up

Our stump grinding services include a thorough clean-up afterwards, ensuring that no tree debris is left behind. Eliminating tripping and safety hazards is one of the most common reasons for us removing stumps, and we make sure all debris is collected before we leave to keep the area safe for you and your loved ones. Any larger tree debris we remove is turned into wood chipping for re-use in local gardens.


Frequently Asked Questions

This obviously all depends on the size of the job. We don’t have a fixed price per service as there are often things to be considered like the amount of stump to grind, how difficult access is and how much there is to clear up and dispose of etc. But some stumps are very quick and easy to grind so it can be quite inexpensive but DAM Services will give you a free quotation so you will know exactly how much it will cost.
Yes. This is one of the main benefits as once the stump has been ground up into chippings (that can be used as mulch) then there is nothing for the roots to be attached to and so cannot soak up water and nutrients or indeed grow. Eventually, the roots will just dry up and rot into the soil. Some trees are more resilient than others but DAM Services will advise if there are any special actions to ensure tree growth cannot re-occur.
Stump removal means digging a hole the size of the root ball and the root system. This can often go very deep and requires more tools, more crew and a lot more damage to your garden. Stump grinding means you do not have to do the above unless it’s absolutely necessary (which is rare) so that means less tools, less crew, less damage and so a lot less cost.
This depends not only on the method in which we choose but also on things like access and the amount of clean-up time afterwards. The actual time spent grinding the stump can be as little as 10 minutes or a couple of hours for a large well-established tree.
Usually not immediately as the area needs some time for the mulch to bed in and for the roots to decompose. This obviously also depends on the type of tree that was there before so your DAM Services Arborist will advise on when you can plant a new sapling in the same spot.

Mackay Stump Removal & Grinding Services

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