Mackay Tree & Palm Removals

Diverse Asset Maintenance Services provides a  safe, efficient and cost-effective tree and palm removal services in Mackay and surrounding areas.

Our preference is to try and save your trees, but preservation isn’t always the healthiest or most effective option. We generally recommend total tree removal as a last resort – but in some cases there’s no other choice.

Our team includes certified arborists with industry experience and certifications. Our diverse range of equipment allows us to remove trees big and small even on properties with tight access, and our experienced Climbers and licensed EWP Arborists will adopt the most cost-effective and safe plan for your property. No tree is too large for us to handle.

Is your tree or palm guilty of any of the following?

  • Harbouring Pests
  • Damaged by rough weather
  • In the way of planned construction
  • Dropping coconuts and large heavy palm fronds
  • Canopy or leaf fall causing problems or irritation
  • Dead or dying or diseased limbs threatening your safety
  • Roots causing damage to your property, plumbing and foundations

If so, then you should contact DAM Services for help


Care for Wildlife

We are proud Mackay people and we think it is our duty to engage sustainable practices in our business to ensure future generations have the opportunity to see the beautiful flora and fauna native to our area. Before removing a tree, we perform a thorough check for local wildlife that maybe using the tree as their habitat. If there’s evidence of wildlife in the tree, we’ll engage a spotter catcher specialist to relocate the animals to a similar environment where they’ll still thrive.

Chipping, Mulching and Stump Grinding

After the tree is safely on the ground, its time to clean everything up. If you’d like to keep any mulch for your gardens, let us know – it’s free!

We recommend having your stumps grinded and/or tree roots removed to complete the job.


Mackay Tree & Palm Removal Services

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