Mackay Tree Maintenance and Palm Cleaning

At Diverse Asset Maintenance Services, we carry out all tree pruning according to the Australian Standard: AS4373-2007 (Pruning of Amenity Trees) All trees are different, and each tree requires a visual tree assessment by a qualified arborist to determine the most appropriate methods of pruning which will in turn achieve the desired result.

Pruning for safety is an important task that reduces the weight of over-extended lateral branches, removes deadwood, and alleviates stress on the tree. Canopy reduction treatments allow more light through to the lower limbs of the tree, promoting healthy growth.

Formative shaping of young or mature trees allows you to scuplt the growth of your tree to more closely match your garden’s aesthetics. Careful pruning allows our professional arborists to let more sunlight into the garden area, respect property lines, and promote good form within the canopy. A healthy tree can be an attractive and functional centerpiece for your garden when properly sculpted.

Are you experiencing any of the following with your trees?

  • Dangerous overhangs
  • Out-of-control growth
  • Visibly damaged or dying areas
  • Sustained cyclone or storm damage
  • Previous improper lopping or pruning
  • Messy appearance or blocking the sunlight
  • Planned renovations, extensions or construction
  • Too much leaf debris falling into pools, gardens, gutters

If so, then you should contact DAM Services for help


Our team is committed to enhancing the visual appeal of your trees whilst ensuring safety and functionality. We remove diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive and structurally unsound foliage and branches from trees to improve their health and appearance.

Give your trees new life with our maintenance services;